Friday, October 28, 2011


Good morning fellow cold people! (and *pfft* to all of you who are in warm places)

My apartment was a balmy 58 degrees when I woke up this morning, and there are smatterings of snow outside. Why, hello Winter. So on my list of things to do this weekend are winter-ify the house (aka, block up drafts, etc), dig out my winter coat, and finish knitting a scarf and possibly a hat for me. Added to my knitting queue are bed slippers for Wade and me.

The cold that threatened on Wednesday has arrived in all its sniffly glory this morning. Not a bad cold, but still not very fun. Makes a lovely excuse to drink more tea, and maybe even some grapefruit juice!

Otherwise not too much going on that's interesting. My sister is coming down to visit tonight, which is fun. Oh! And I played my first FPS that I actually enjoyed! Wade and I played Borderlands last night, and it was quite neat. I'm also apparently pretty good with sniper rifles/pistols with scopes.

Ok, time for working. Have a lovely and warm day!

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